Every dish served at That’s Prosciutto is the result of the finest Italian tradition in salami preparation. We have put the utmost care and attention to detail in selecting our suppliers, we have travelled all over Italy to discover and witness first hand the ability of the true masters of prosciutto, just to bring you products known all around the world for their unsurpassed quality.

” Because, in the end, taste is what really matters. And we want to be unsurpassed”


The secret of any salami is its place of manufacture. The microclimate in which it is produced, the magical places which somehow work themselves in the dna of each prosciutto, salame, bresaola, crudo. From the salty breezes of Tuscany to the pungent smell of Friuli’s pines, the aromas permeating the soil and the surrounding environment are decisive factors for good production quality.


That’s Prosciutto’s salami are created with the most ancient traditional techniques. From refrigeration to salting, from pressing to greasing and, finally, seasoning. Salami craftsmanship is expressed in the manufacturing process, in the taste of the final product, preserving the taste and organoleptic qualities according to rigorous standards set by several producers associations. San Daniele Cavazzutti,Parma Regio, Culatello Parmigiani, Salame Felino Nobile Gentile, Mortadella la Preziosa, Cotto Praga Reale, Speck Senfter Selectio, Bresaola Punta d’anca IGP, smoked turkey. Each salami has its own peculiar set of features and manufacture process, certified by DOP and DOC standards to ensure consumers can enjoy the best product possibile.

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