“You are what you eat”. Eating well is a philosophy permeating all aspects of our everyday lives. It transforms our perception of the world, of our well being, of our ability to savor every instant of our existence. Let’s face it: life without good food loses some of its meaning. Not to mention taste. That’s why we envisioned a place that could relate to our daily, fast paced lives, but without cutting corners or resorting to the cheap, the ugly or the unsavory. We dreamed Just Prosciutto to be just like that: a place filled with aromas, in which we could lose ourselves, contemplating beauty while tasting our finest, mouth watering cold cuts.


That’s Prosciutto is a familiar place, dismissing all kinds of unnecessary formality. Because eating is a collective act, and the best way to enjoy it is to share it. We have wifi, good music and you can choose wheter to book a table or order food to go via our app.

La Frontiera s.r.l.

Via Mosé Bianchi 103

20149 Milano

P.Iva e C.F. 08424500968




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