‘Surround ourselves with beauty’. This is what we envisioned when we thought about the design of our bistrot. We have opted for all-Italian leather sofas, displayed photographs of our most intricately beautiful products and we have chosen just the right lighting to accompany it all. To celebrate our great beauty.


Street art and prosciutto. You might wonder what they have in common. If you seek the answer, we suggest you come by at closing time. As shutters are rolled down, the seemingly plain facade of the building will light up in bright, warm, vivid colors. An explosion of red in all its hues will unfold as  the image of wine poured out of a glass transforms into a slice of prosciutto, wrapping itself around a breadstick. The two milan-based artists, the creators of our graffiti, are Pit and Luna, working together as proTESTArte. They believed in us: a relationship between food and art is already naturally established. It is up to us to acknowledge it, recognize its beauty and represent it.

La Frontiera s.r.l.

Via Mosé Bianchi 103

20149 Milano

P.Iva e C.F. 08424500968




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